A UTI, or urinary tract infection, is definitely no fun. It is not only uncomfortable, but often very painful. This information is going to give you some insight into what can be done about a UTI right at home. 

Drink Plenty of Water

The first thing you need to do if you have a urinary tract infection is to drink plenty of fluids, particularly water. These infections can get worse and much more painful if you ignore them so much to where you get dehydrated. You want to flush out the bacteria from your body, which is only possible by drinking a lot of water. While this is probably not enough on its own to treat a UTI naturally, it is definitely a good first step. You should not drink an excessive amount of water, so also keep that in mind.

Keep the Area Clean

This is good both for treating a urinary tract infection you already have, and preventing one in the future. If you tend to get frequent UTIs, you know to focus more on prevention. You always want to keep the area clean and dry. This means taking a shower every day and paying close attention to that area while washing, wearing dry and clean underwear, and trying to wear loose-fitting clothing whenever you can. You don’t want to give bacteria a place to grow. 

Get Plenty of Vitamin C

There are two nutrients that are really important for treating a UTI naturally, including probiotics and vitamin C. If you can only get one in, go for the vitamin C. You probably know this nutrient from recommendations based on preventing a cold, flu, and similar conditions. It can also help with urinary tract infections by providing more acidity in your urine to kill bacteria that ends up in that area. Get vitamin C from citrus fruits and vegetables, or simply by taking a supplement each day.

Use Heat, Not Cooling

Since the area around your vulva burns a lot with a UTI, it might seem like you should cool it off, but that won’t soothe it like you think. You actually want to warm it up by placing a heating pad in the area, or even getting underwear just out of the dryer and putting them on. This not only soothes the area, but helps to keep it dry and kill bacteria that is causing the UTI.

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