Fad diets this… trendy detox that… Are you tired of struggling with weight gain, deprivation, and feeling exhausted & confused? Do you feel like you just can’t muster up the strength to try another diet, another pill, another BS QUICK FIX?!?

The key to feeling like you again is simpler than you think!

“We don’t need to strive towards balance, we rather need to work on the obstacles that are preventing the natural flow of balance.”
A.A. Alebraheem.”

Understanding your hormonal challenges is the first step to overcoming them.

We all face unique challenges that are specific to our life, including what we put in our body, how our body processes those items, and our environment. However, there are also common areas of overlap that hinder us all from living and feeling our absolute best. Many of my clients are experiencing a natural process of their body in an unnatural way. You can either fight your body, or you can fuel it.



Why are you here, scouring the internet to find ways to make this transition less painful?

  • Are you experiencing new symptoms, like irregular periods and vaginal dryness?
  • Someone who has battled your body and hormones for longer than you expected in this chapter of your life?
  • Perhaps painful intercourse has prevented you from being intimate with your partner for far too long?
  • Or maybe your doctor told you that you need to take steps to help your body as you transition?

No matter your reason, knowing it is important.



  • Are you the woman who wants to have the energy to play with her grandchildren or host social events?
  • Maybe you just want to get the spark back in your relationship, but feel distant because of your uncontrollable emotions?
  • Perhaps you want nothing more than to feel sexy again instead of rundown and drained.

Identify your reason why and hold it near. It even helps to write it down or store it in your phone. This is how we start working together. We dig deep into your why to work out the HOW!



With everyone so connected on the internet, it seems that everyone is the expert at menopause. With each pill or potion, everyone is selling magic. No wonder our hormones are misaligned and fighting back.

Does it feel like we are fighting a losing battle? Without the proper tools in our arsenal, we are.

There is a systematic approach to finding your personal balance to help you look and more importantly FEEL your best.  

Knowing that the information you take in is credible cannot be emphasized enough. 

What works for one person, who by the way is completely different than you, may not work the same way for you. Not only is it inefficient to do what someone else is doing without supervision, but it can also be dangerous! 

We only get one body in this lifetime so we should care for it well. 

My programs and support are designed to be specific to YOU because we are all unique. I’m a certified hormonal health coach, and I’ve helped countless women take a balanced approach with their hormonal health and personal wellness.


Who has the time to spend hours at the gym sweating to ward off the weight that keeps coming on or in the kitchen cooking perfectly measured meals every day? Not me, and I’m guessing not you either!

I understand that hours spent each day cooking meals or in the gym are hours spent away from things that matter, like your family, hobbies, career, or the fun things in life.

I’m here to show you that finding and maintaining a healthy balance is not only possible, but it is also closer to your grasp than you realize. 

I found ways to cut down on the amount of time spent doing the things you don’t want to do to achieve the balance in life you do want.

In my (ebook/coaching service/consultations) I explain the keys steps you can take to work with your body instead of against it and balance your hormones though realistic lifestyle changes, without missing out on your life.



Motivation and willpower is great when you have it. 

The challenge is that motivation doesn’t last forever. There will be days when you need to make a green smoothie or eat that rainbow salad, but you really can’t be bothered. Having me as your personal accountability partner will help increase your ability to transition smoother into this new life phase—even when you aren’t keen or motivated to do so. We also will work one-on-one to continue to refine your lifestyle as your body and hormones adjust.



Each program is tailor-made for YOU. Generic programs are just that, generic. 

Meaning that they don’t take into account the most important aspect, you are uniquely you! You have different needs and wants to my previous 10 clients, and deserve to be treated on your issues, not the trend average. 

Some prefer a hands-off approach where others like a more hands-on approach. No matter your preference, you will learn the key steps to take to help work with your body to balance and maintain your hormones, naturally. 



Hands off approach $99

Initial Consult

Nutrition or supplement program Emailed

Guided approach $199

Initial Consult

Nutrition and supplement program

Monthly follow-up

Email only support

Hold my hand approach $299

Initial Consult

Nutrition and supplement program

Weekly follow-up

Email and text support

Stop feeling exhausted, unmotivated, and lethargic – start being the envy of your past self!

Book your first session (FREE) to get started.

Your body needs you and you need your body!


21-Day (Anti-Diet) Jump-Start

Fad diets this… trendy detox that… Are you tired of struggling with weight gain, deprivation, and feeling exhausted & confused? Do you feel like you just can’t muster up the strength to try another diet, another pill, another BS QUICK FIX?!? The key to a healthy and vibrant life is simpler than you think!


This is a NO SHORTCUTS, ALL IN program to put an end to your disillusions once and for all.

Are you ready to take back your life and reclaim your health, confidence, and energy?

What if you could actually lose those #clingy pounds?

Imagine feeling lighter and more energetic!

What if you could regain your youthful glow?!

Now you can!

Get ready to reclaim your health with the …

21 Day Eating Jumpstart!

Sign up now and get a program jam-packed with so much valuable and life-changing content. These are the lessons learned and applied throughout our careers for both our own bodies and our clients! 


So what does our program offer you? Glad you asked! 

  • A rocking 21 Day Clean Eating Guide: a step by step manual showing you exactly how to eat the right way, ensuring that you get all the delicious nutrients your body needs WITHOUT feeling deprivation or guilt!
  • No-Fuss Recipes: packed with over 30 scrumptious recipes that will improve digestion, decrease inflammation, and keep you feeling satisfied.
  • Daily Email Support: To hold you accountable and provide you lots of love and encouragement when you need it!
  • Suggested Meals: To help you stay on track. I want you to be super successful.
  • A Shopping List by phases: What this means is that you will learn how to make trips to the supermarket super simple. Which makes prepping and cooking for your detox a breeze not a UNDERTAKING.
  • Food Diary: this amazing tool will help you keep track of how you are feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally throughout the program.
  • An EXCLUSIVE Facebook Forum: for daily support and to get your burning questions answered ASAP.



This program is specially designed for you to take back control of your life.

  • Weight loss
  • More energy
  • Better sleep
  • Improved digestion
  • Self-confidence


The 21 Day Clean Eating Jumpstart will have you living a revitalized, rejuvenated life in no time!



12-Week Metabolic Makeover

Are you sick of weight loss and wellness only being all about kale salads with no mention of wine & chocolate? Our mission is simple and it’s something that we’re wholeheartedly passionate about. We teach women who just want to lose weight and cut through the B.S. a simple way of eating that works.


Cutting Calories Doesn’t Work

All those ‘miracle diets’ aren’t taking into account the fact that a calorie is NOT just a calorie. Different foods are processed by your body in VERY different ways, and they can cause either more fat storage or they can help you burn it off.

When You Eat & Digest Food

The energy from that food (in the form of sugar) is sent into your blood. Once your body detects that sugar, insulin is sent into your blood to pick up the sugar and deliver it to the working muscles. The problem is if the muscles aren’t working (ie. you’re sitting at your desk, or on the couch), insulin then happily stores that energy as fat.

Here’s The Important Part

Different foods send different amounts of energy (sugar) into your blood. Some send it all very quickly while others spread it out over time.  When too much sugar is sent into your blood all at once, too much insulin is released which takes all that sugar out and ends up storing it as fat.

Now Your Blood Sugar Is Too LOW

This causes you to crave MORE of the fast-digesting, sugar flooding foods to bring it back up quickly. This is the vicious blood sugar cycle you’re stuck in right now and it’s why you can’t actually lose fat and why you keep craving the bad stuff.

Stress Works The Very Same Way

It causes high blood sugar, then low blood sugar and intense carb cravings, all the while storing that extra energy as FAT (usually right around your belly).

This Is Why We Created the 12-Week Metabolic Makeover

In it, we’ll teach you how to balance your blood sugar, avoid carb cravings, and banish stress eating all while you start losing fat and keep it off.

Using this strategy you literally CANNOT help but burning fat and increasing energy daily.

Balanced blood sugar is the key to fat loss!

Not only will we teach you exactly what to eat to STOP that wicked cycle, but you’ll also have full accountability, motivation & support to actually implement these changes so you literally CANNOT fail.


Here’s What’s Included In the 12-Week Metabolic Makeover

Fat Loss Guide + 12 Week Path To Success Handbook

Your complete guide to the 12-Week Metabolic Makeover so you know exactly what to do and when to do it.  This makes fat loss a no brainer.

Meal Plans, Recipes, Food Lists & Worksheets

This is it!  You’ll receive a complete fat loss plan.  You’ll get specific meal plans with simple recipes, plus lists of foods to eat all of the time and foods to stay away from.  Again-this makes fat loss a total no brainer.


Support & Accountability

When you join today, you’ll also become a member of our private Facebook Group (only for those running through our programs). This exclusive community will support and encourage your progress, PLUS you’ll get access to us to ask questions and have them answered either LIVE or written in the group.

Specific Strategies To Overcome Any Roadblock

You’ll have access to all of our strategies such as intermittent fasting and carbing up.  This lets you work through any weight loss plateaus with ease.  You’ll also learn how to eat out without derailing your progress and essential travel tips.

Stop Eating ‘Healthy’ & Exercising Like Crazy Today & Start Seeing Actual Weight Loss.


You’re Perfect For This If:

  • You can’t seem to get rid of your belly fat no matter what diet you try or pill you buy and you’re crazy bloated.
  • You need accountability and support
  • You want to figure out what foods you NEED to be eating going forward, and the ones to stay away from.
  • You’re sick of all the diet B.S. and you want to be empowered NOT restricted.
  • You’re sick of spending hours doing cardio and not seeing any results.

You Might Not Want To Enrol If:

  • You enjoy depriving yourself and don’t mind dieting OR you already know exactly how to eat to feel vibrant & well (and your weight is exactly where you want it).
  • You don’t have an internet connection (or access to one).
  • You have medical issues that prevent you from changing the way you eat (of course you should consult your health practitioner before starting ANY new diet or exercise regime).
  • You’re a vegan (we’re not experts in this type of eating so you probably want to find someone who is).


$997 CAD

OR 6 Payments of $197

With the Midlife Metabolic Makeover, we are empowering you to take control & take charge of your body. Learn the foods that actually fuel your metabolism and balance your blood sugar. Learn how to incorporate other foods as treats.

That’s the difference between this time and every single other diet you’ve ever tried. They weren’t about YOU or YOUR body. They weren’t even about actual food. The Midlife Metabolic Makeover is. You’ll start fueling your body with the foods you actually need (not what you THINK you need) to get results.

Reset Your Body RISK-FREE!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Not sure if the Midlife Metabolic Makeover is right for you? Try the entire program risk-free! From the time you order, you have 2 weeks to try it out. If you don’t notice a difference after the first 10 days or if you go the full 14 days and don’t feel like a new you, or if you’re not satisfied for any reason, just let us know—you’ll get your money back!  Just send us completed food journals showing you followed the program for a full 2 weeks in the free app My Fitness Pal. You owe it to yourself to try the program risk-free right now! You won’t pay a penny if it doesn’t work. 

Don’t Put Off The Body & The Confidence You Deserve Any Longer. Start the Midlife Metabolic Makeover Right Now Risk-Free & Say Goodbye To Rabbit Food Forever! 

$997 CAD  

OR 6 Payments of $197

Get Started Today 


 Yes, I’m interested. What happens next?

First of all-yay! That’s so exciting! Once you click the BUY NOW button you’ll be taken over to our secure server to complete your purchase. You will receive an email with your welcome and next steps right away so watch your inbox! You’ll have everything you need to start immediately and you can go at your own pace. We’ll just be an email away if you have any questions at all (and we’ll also send you the link to join a private Facebook community where we hang out and help our clients run through a program).

 How much time will this take? I’m already overextended as it is.

The recipes are easy. They don’t require you to spend hours in the kitchen working with complicated hard to find foods. Who’s got time for that?

 Will I be starving?

Not with this program! Not only will you eat real food for your meals and you’ll eat plenty of it.  Plus you’ll be eating formerly forbidden foods like butter, beef, bacon, and eggs.

 Do I have to shop at specialty health food stores?

Nope. Plain old grocery stores (even Walmart) work. Yup, grabbing a BBQ chicken on the way home from work is definitely still an option.

What if I have a question? Do you provide any support?

You can definitely ask us questions, that’s what the Facebook group is all about. We’ll get back to any questions within 12-48 hours and will ALWAYS support you.

 Do I have to cook every day?

Not if you don’t want to. Look, most of our clients are moms with a very full-time jobs and they’re lucky to spend 25 minutes on dinner. The recipes we provide you with can be made ahead (yay batch cooking) or made super quickly. We’ll also teach you how to eat out without killing your blood sugar and feeling awful afterward. The point is you can tailor this program to your lifestyle. It’s not about having to eat specific meals at specific times-it’s learning HOW to eat so you can control your blood sugar, balance your hormones and stop storing fat. That’s it.

Do I have to eat all organic?

Nope. Of course you can (and we encourage you to) but your success doesn’t hinge on that. Organic is an important topic, but it’s not what this program is about. We’ll be happy to talk you through it and help you make up your own mind though.

 What kind of food will I be eating?

Honestly-regular old food like meats, fish, veggies, avocados, butter, cheese, etc.

We will warn: you-no ‘diet’ food is involved in this program.  In fact, here’s a sneak peek of a treat recipe that’s completely part of the program (and yes these are delicious):


We know we don’t know each other yet, and we know your struggle is your own but we want you to know that we get you. We know how truly lonely it feels to be uncomfortable and unhappy in your own body. We’ve been there.

We promise you this, if you take the first step with us, you won’t be taking the next step alone and you won’t regret it for one second.

$997 CAD  

OR 6 Payments of $197

Let’s Do This!

We can’t wait to see you inside the program!

1:1 Private Nutrition Coaching

If you are interested in the most effective service we give, our 3-month private coaching is the best solution to relieve you of the burden of trying to figure out what you are supposed to do on your own and get to your ideal outcome quickly. Get the tools, support and accountability you need to achieve and maintain your health goals.


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